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What’s Next For First Home Bank? A New Name.

Who is BayFirst?

First Home Bank is changing its name to BayFirst, a name that more clearly defines who we are and what we stand for. Though what we call ourselves will change, we are still an independent Tampa Bay area community bank based in St. Petersburg, and our promise to you is stronger than ever.

So, while we’ll continue to support small business owners and homebuyers across the country, we will remain focused on making a difference in our own community and in the lives of those we serve.

We are excited for what’s next but know you must have questions. We’re here to answer them and as always, we’re here for what’s next when it comes to your banking needs.


What else is changing and what do I need to do?

  • Your accounts will not change.
  • You can still access online banking using your current username and password
  • Your banking app will automatically update.
  • Your local banking center will remain open during normal banking hours.
  • You will not need to order checks or a new debit or credit card.

Why BayFirst?

BayFirst is Here For What’s Next®. For over 20 years, we’ve been rooted in the Tampa Bay area and our new name allows us to further dedicate ourselves to the growth and prosperity of our community and the residents and businesses that call it home.

Why did our name change?

  • BayFirst reinforces our commitment to community and our goal to become the bank of Tampa Bay
  • We also recently changed our holding company to BayFirst Financial Corp. for the same reasons.


No. BayFirst Financial Corp. has been the bank’s holding company since it was formed in 1999 and is First Home Bank’s parent company based out of St. Petersburg, FL. There was no merger or acquisition in the name change.

The change from First Home Bank to BayFirst National Bank takes places on May 16th

Just the name and logo on your account will change. All other information will stay the same.

No. You can still access online and mobile banking, and your username and password will stay the same and your apps will automatically update.